How It Works

We’ve streamlined our design process to take the guesswork out of what happens next.

#1 First Contact

During our first contact, we will meet with you to discuss our service options to determine how we can best suit your needs.  This is when we will fully explain the design process in-person and answer any questions you might have.

#2 Proposal of Service

After we have gathered your basic information, we will return to our studio to develop a proposal of service tailored to your specific project.  We will then make arrangements to present our proposal for you to review and provide feedback.

#3 Retainer for Escrow

Once we’ve agreed on our proposal, we will then collect your initial retainer for escrow as the first stage of starting our business relationship.  We will then register your chosen domain name and setup the basic framework of your website.

#4 Collect or Create Content

Depending on what service you need, we will either start from scratch with a blank canvas or use your desired media such as previously formatted logos to implement with your unique design.

#5 Initial Design

After we have all of the initial content and media required to begin drafting your project, we will get to work with designing your custom layout.

#6 Client Review

After we have finished our design, we will proudly share with you what we have come up with so far and see what you think before we progress further.

#7 Modifications

Based on your feedback, we will return to the studio to make any modifications necessary to fine-tune your project to your specific requests.

#8 Finished Product

After making all of the finishing touches and perfecting your design, we will present you with our final product.  By this stage we determine a “launch day” for when your website will be published online and publicly accessible.

#9 Client Approval

Our finished product will get one more thorough review from you to confirm everything is placed exactly how you desire.

#10 Launch!

This is the last stage of development and our favorite part—Launch Day!   Your newly created website will be launched for everyone to access and enjoy.

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