Client Testimonials

“As a non-profit organization, we have to be mindful of how we spend our money.  Working with Studio Francis on our website design was not only cost-effective, but they gave themselves fully to the project, far exceeding what I had in mind.  The studio was creative, flexible, and made suggestions that were outside the box of my original thinking.  The outcome was beautiful and the studio continues to make themselves available to us for support. Thanks for a great job!”


Crowns of Hope

“I truly appreciate my new website that Studio Francis created to help me boost my sales.  I spend long days on the road travelling from venue to venue selling my work, but now equipped with a website, I’m better able to connect with my customers and generate additional revenue.  My cash flow has literally doubled!”

John Seder

Airbrush Artist, Twinde

“I am an accomplished professional in the media sector with two decades of experience in marketing.  After collaborating with Studio Francis, my organization’s digital presence has grown exponentially.  The impact of our new followers has proven to be a tangible surge in online traffic.”

Steve Apple

Media Producer, The Whatever Project

“I work as a corporate network control operator and do computer hardware repair on the side.  Anytime I have met someone who needs a website I refer them to Studio Francis and my clients always return with good things to say.”

Jesse Espenshade

Network Control Operator

“Studio Francis worked with me to help engage people online by creating a website to promote music from my band. The result was amazing! I am thoroughly impressed.”

Evan Stultz

Lead Guitar, Apollos